Monday, March 20, 2006

Commentary on Halabja 2006
Ardalan Hardi

PUK wants to put a spin on what happened On March 16, 2006 in Halabja. According to a source from Awene and Robert Cole, who were both present at the protest, most of the participants were frustrated students and fed up citizens. The demonstration was not a planed act by a terrorist organization as PUK would like us to believe. The student organizers of the protest announced their intentions to demonstrate prior to the event.
The citizens of Halabja view the Halabja monument as an instrument used by the political leaders for personal gain. In fact, the monument is commonly referred to by the Kurdish people as (dagilay Dizakan) Piggy Bank of Thieves. The protesters believe the political pleaders have been known to elicit sympathy and receive generous donations during Halabja ceremonies and keep the money for themselves, instead of using it to rebuild Halabja.
The protesters who endured years of broken promises and continued frustration were behind the demonstration in Halabja, not any Muslim fanatic group or terrorist organization. It would be smart for PUK to admit their faults and listen to the citizens of Halabja, if they are truly interested in solving the issues.

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