Sunday, January 14, 2007

The only friends Turks have in this world is the Kurds

Participating in the conference called "Turkey Seeks for its Peace", famous writer Yaşar Kemal said: "Turks only have a single nation to call a 'friend'. Since the Malazgirt War, Kurds and the best friends of Turks."

"The only friend a Turk has is a Kurd"

Giving a speech in a conference called "Turkey Seeks for its Peace" in Ankara, famous writer Yaşar Kemal said: "Turks have a single friend and it is not a secret: since Malazgirt War, Kurds and Turks are each other's best friend."

Stating that Turkey is full of racists who are hiding behind "nationalism" Kemal said: "For the last 25 yearsi there is a "light war" going on in the Southeast Anatolia. There had been many cease fire decisions but for some reason the war does not seem to end. This war has broken Turkey's belly. We have become a country who fights with its own people. More and more we lose dignity in the eyes of foreign nations. No one grant us right any more. We called guerillas 'terrorists' and hoped things would change. Those who went up to the mountains to fight for their rights were in fact university students or graduates."

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