Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Iraq Study Group report, Good deal for our enemies’ Bad deal for our Kurdish and Jewish friends

Howrie Kirkuki

The invasion of Iraq in 2003 was President Bush's greatest accomplishment in the Middle East. Even though many errors have been made since, freeing the people of Iraq from the Saddam's Baa'th regime will be appreciated by our friends for ever.

The Baker-Hamilton group's recommendations, if implemented will reverse the accomplishments and indirectly reward the terrorists and terrorist-sponsor states.
The beneficiaries of these recommendations will be the Saddamist ( the main terrorist group in Iraq), the regimes of Syria and Iran (These two regimes are the main sponsors of terrorist groups like Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in west bank and terrorist bands and militia groups in Iraq), and the Turks (the Turkish government's refusal to support the invasion, their refusal to allow the collision forces to pass through their territory during the war and the Turkish intelligence involvement in terrorist activities to destabilize the Kurdistan region are well known facts).

The three mention countries have no interest in a free and democratic Iraq. Iran and Syria will make every effort to see US fail in Iraq ,which will prevent future US attacks against their regimes and to derail the democratic process in the region. The common goal of the Syrian-Turkish-Iranian governments is to crush the Kurdistan Regional Government (the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq) and to return to pre 1990 era when Saddam suppressed the Kurds.

The biggest losers are the only two loyal friends in the middle-east, the Jews and the Kurds.
Rewarding Terrorist policy will make Middle-East peace process more difficult and strength the Syrian-Iranian hard line policy against Israel. Syria’s continues interference in Lebanon and assassination of Lebanon's leaders along with the Iranian regime's increase support for Hezbollah are putting more pressure on the Jewish state.

The Kurdistan region of Iraq is the only place in Iraq, where US soldiers are welcomed; there are no terrorists, no civil war. The democratic changes and foreign investment are welcomed. The group's report dismisses all of this progress and indirectly recommends dissolving the autonomous region and the federal system in Iraq.

President Bush's Iraq policy may need adjustments and changes, but the Baker-Hamilton's group recommendations are a recipe for disaster, selling out our friends and a victory for terrorists.

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