Thursday, December 14, 2006

Vote for independent of Kurdistan
Online Petition for Kurdish Choices

To many Kurds who have found their true identity, Kurdistan resembles a mother that has been suppressed and taken advantage of by four influential men in the Middle East . In this age such a mother should be free to make a choice. In neither part of their ancestral homeland Kurds have been asked about their choices of status quo, federalism, or independence. Unity is a noble idea and should serve all equally. Unfortunately the unity that the governments of dominant ethnic groups advocate has only served them. For this reason over 98% of the Kurdish population in Southern Kurdistan voted for independence in an unofficial referendum in 2004. Many individuals and organizations that support equal right for all believe the Kurds should be allowed to determine their destiny and be given the option of voting for status quo, federalism, and independence in a referendum monitored by the international community. The purpose of this petition is to remind the United Nations about its obligation to defend the right of all nations even the one such as Kurds that are not represented by a state yet. In order to show the free world what the Kurds want, please indicate your choice by signing either an online petition or send us an email or a letter to following addresses:

Please vote here The Undersigned

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Chaya said...

I am so happy to have been able to sign this petition. For years, I have felt that Kurdistan should have independence. If that could happen - God willing - and there is a revolution in Iran - really God willing!! - to overthrow the current government and rid the country of the mullahs - there could be phenomenal changes in the Middle East! Or am I just dreaming?? By the way, I live in Israel.